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1. Logging on:

You can now log in to myCared4QMS using most browsers. We recommend Windows Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.

2. Compatibility issues:

There have been some compatibility issues with Windows Explorer 10.

Here is a quick fix if you cannot log on to myCared4EQMS.

In your Internet Explorer, go to Tools on your top menu bar of the homepage

Compatibility View Settings

Add this Website: type in

Click on Add

You have just given your browser permission to open this website.

Now, try again to login with these new settings.

If this is not successful please contact Bettal.

3. CI-01 A Framework for Quality.

Did you know that the whole of your Cared 4 system pivots on this one document. You will find this in the continuous improvement section of your procedures. What we have done is taken the standards that govern your service and reference the Cared 4 document(s) that contain the evidence to those standards.

This is an invaluable tool to demonstrate to regulators where your system is meeting required standards. Don’t trawl through indexes trying to locate documents evidenced to standards, use this invaluable tool.


We've only been running for 2 years but CQC inspectors have commented that we have better documentation than agencies that have been running for many years.
Lee Marsh - New Horizons Trust