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Policies & Procedures in Services Supporting Service Users with Learning Disabilities

Albert Cook Bettal’s Managing Director was awarded a Master’s Degree by the University of Kent in the Management of Services for people with learning disabilities. Before becoming a principal inspector of social care services, he managed services for people with learning disabilities over many years. The development of Cared4 Quality Management System for people with learning disabilities is based upon the knowledge and experience he has gained.

The system is follows a person centred approach and is underpinned, by policies and procedures on culture, values and an ethos that puts the service user at the centre of the service.

The Cared4 Quality Management for people with learning disabilities contains policies and procedures for learning disabilities services are designed to comply with CQC requirements, and drive forward the requirements of a person-centred service.

Cared4 for learning disabilities services is used by many Local Authority, independent and voluntary sector services. It is recognised as being among the leading quality management and compliance systems in the social care sector.

The Cared4 system contains all the policies and procedures a service will need to comply with the requirements of the CQC Fundamental Standards, Key Lines of Enquiry and best practice.

As a result, Cared4 can be seen as much more than a set of policies and procedures but a quality management system that is also a training resource for staff. It enables managers to give new staff, policies and procedures as part of their induction. As the policies and procedures are based on best practice, staff gain an understanding of quality of care from induction at the outset.

We are confident that where a service has the Cared4 quality management system in place that is being followed by staff of the service, they will comply with the requirements of CQC and the Fundamental Standards. This is because every prompt is contained in the Key Lines of Enquiry forms an integral part of our policies and procedures and how it will be addressed.

The system places a strong emphasis on person centred planning. The Cared4 person centred plan adopts a holistic approach to the choice and preferences of service users. The plan provides clear focus on health, daily living, education, employment, social and the aspirational goals of the person.

Cared4 has now been on the market for more than 20 years It is now recognised as being among the leading quality management systems in the field of learning disability. It is held in high regard by managers, staff, CQC and Local Authority inspectors.

Given the track record and background to Cared4 and those involved in its development you can be sure that you are investing in a system that will give confidence to you and your staff in delivering quality care services, and demonstrating to CQC and Local Authority inspector’s compliance to requirements.

Bettal is so confident about Cared 4 meeting the CQC Fundamental Standards and the Key Lines of Enquiry; that should an inspector require a document that is not in our system we will create it for you free of charge.

The Cared 4 package for people with Learning Disabilities includes:

  • 2 ring binders containing 75 policies, 83 procedures and 153 forms customised with the name of your service.
  • electronic platform which mirrors the hard copy documentation enables you to view change print and archive your documents.
  • Person Centred Plan designed specifically for service uses in learning disability services
  • Free update service.

Albert Cook
Former Principle Inspector and Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute


We've only been running for 2 years but CQC inspectors have commented that we have better documentation than agencies that have been running for many years.
Lee Marsh - New Horizons Trust