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Integrated Person Centred Planning / PCP Care Plans

The Bettal Person Centred Care Plan is the subject of research in the UK and Ireland. The major emphasis is on a service user person centred approach and the ability of the service to Demonstrate the involvement of the service user at the heart of the plan.

The plan is designed to enable the person to achieve his/her goals, aspirations and preferences, and provide evidence of service user involvement every step of the way. It provides clear guidance to staff on the agreed level of support to be provided to the service user to achieve their goals.

Bettal have produced a ‘single integrated personal plan’ that shows how the person is involved in the care planning process along with evidence of what is being provided to meet the persons goals and aspirations

The plan has taken account of best practice in the UK and Ireland and is logically structured and outcome based.

The plan follows the 4 basic principles of care intervention:

  • Goal Setting
  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Evaluation

The plan is divided into 8 sections – (we have attached some section samples to give an indication of the quality of the plan)

Part 1 - Service User Information

Part 2 - About the Person

Part 3 - Life Goals

Part 4 - Health and Safety Assessments

Part 5 - Daily Living Assessments

Part 6 - Assessment Outcomes and Support Planning

Part 7 - Evaluation and Reviews

Part 8 - Appointments, Records and Notes.

Person centre care plans should be seen as one of the most important documents used by staff in social care services. It is the driver of services to be provided to services users, and as such needs to be comprehensive. But at the same time easy to use by staff, and understandable to service users and their families.

Given that each new service user will require a person centred care plan following admission it is essential that staff have easy access to all the documentation they require to meet the needs of service users at that time. The Bettal Plan takes this into account and has placed all the documentation required into a sturdy ring binder. In addition, we will supply you with copies of all the documents you need as inserts to renew sections of your Bettal Plan when you require them. You will therefore no longer need to compile documents before admitting a new service user to your service.

Bettal have recognised that the personal plan may need to be accessed by a number of people (with the service user’s permission), including: care staff, social workers, GP’s other health care professionals and representatives of the service user. We have therefore ensured that the plan is well organised and highly presentable.

If you are interested in the Bettal Person Centred Care Plan then why not contact us on:

Tel: 01697741411

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Stuart will be more than happy to give you an on-line presentation of the benefits to your service.

The Bettal Person Centred Care Plan package includes:

  • 2 ring binders containing with hard copies of the documents described above customised with the name of your service.
  • New inserts when you require them.
  • Free training on how to use the plan.

Albert Cook
Former Principle Inspector and Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute


We've only been running for 2 years but CQC inspectors have commented that we have better documentation than agencies that have been running for many years.
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