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CQC Provider Information Return

Help with Completion of your Provider Information Return







  • Providers of care services are required to complete the CQC Provider Information Return prior to the CQC inspection. This can be downloaded from the CQC website.
  • The task has filled some managers with a great deal of trepidation given the amount of time it will take to gather the information required, let alone completing it.
  • The CQC tool is split into the 5 parts and requires the manager to provide infomation on how your service meets the areas of the Key Lines of Enquiry
  • At Bettal we  estimate that it would take a manager up to 2 weeks to complete this document.
  • The Bettal team has been working on your behalf to complete the Provider Information Return for your service. We have taken each part and evidenced where documents can be found in your service, which can be also be found in the Cared 4 Quality Management System (see the home page of the website for service covered by Cared 4) that meet the outcomes and address the prompts in the Key Lines of Enquiry.
  • You will see from the attached sample at the top of the page how the Bettal Supportive Evidence Tool is designed to work with the CQC Provider Information Return. Providing evidence which is linked to the Cared 4 Quality Management System  but also enables the manager change the text if you wish to do so. We believe this will be a great help to mangers in accurately and efficiently siting evidence for CQC.




If you are interested in this exciting new product, designed to support managers to complete the CQC Compliance Assessment Tool, please contact Stuart Cook our General Manager for further information on 01697 741 411.















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