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Supporting New Providers with CQC Registration

To new providers, the thought of having to complete the CQC Registration form can be a daunting task. Here at Bettal we have many years’ experience in supporting new providers to gain registration. Our experience and knowledge of the registration process can be judged by the very high success rate of those new providers who have applied for registration with our support. This by the way is free to customers who invest in the Bettal Quality Management System.

As you will be aware. Completing your CQC Registration for domiciliary or residential service takes time, finance and organisation. There are a number of things to consider in the planning of your new domiciliary care service, supported living service, residential care service or learning disabilities service. You may be looking at premises or office accommodation, having a company website built, opening a business bank account, arranging finances or waiting for your Disclosure and Barring Application to return.

Most challenging and the area that requires most assistance is having the correct systems in place and ensuring that your service is going to operate to the Fundamental Standards of Care.

As your service progresses, the Care Quality Commission will carry out inspections to ensure that you are complying with the Fundamental Standards of Care and use the Keyline’s of Enquiry to measure how your service is performing to those the standards.

Initially, when embarking on registering your service with CQC, the Care Quality Commission will arrange an initial interview to ensure that you are able to provide a service in accordance with the regulations or regulated activity.

Where does Bettal fit in?

Bettal’s Management team will assist you with your on-line application and provide help with CQC registration.

Having seen numerous services successfully register and given our experience and background, we are well placed to help both new and existing providers with the registration process.

How do we do this?

The CQC registration is currently divided into 8 parts:

1. Who    (About you)

2. What   (Services you intend to deliver)

3. Where (Your place of operation)   

4. When (when you intend to start)

5. How (See below)

6. Documents (See below)

7. Review (The applicant will be required to review parts 1-6)

8. Declaration (Your signature stating that all of the information you have provided is accurate).

Part 5 (How) and Part 6 (Documents) are parts of the registration that involve standards of practice, regulation and required documents

We will direct and advise you on what to include in these sections of your application. This includes both pre-registration and post registration support.

Give our staff a call and remove some of the stress from your application all for free if you purchase our leading quality management system.

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We've only been running for 2 years but CQC inspectors have commented that we have better documentation than agencies that have been running for many years.
Lee Marsh - New Horizons Trust