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4.Key Lines of Enquiry / Fundamental Standards

Key Lines of Enquiry and the Fundamental Standards

At Bettal we are committed to ensuring that our customers comply with the documentation requirements of the CQC Fundamental Standards and (KLOE) Key Lines of Enquiry. In developing the system, we have tried to make it easier for managers to cross reference the requirements of the standards to where they can be found in Cared 4 policies and procedures

The feedback we have received confirms that our systems are in compliance with the requirements of CQC. In addition to ensuring that Cared 4 meets the CQC Fundamental Standards, it also addresses the Key Lines of Enquiry prompts used by inspectors. Our systems are designed to respond to every prompt within the Key Lines of Enquiry and where it can be located in the Cared 4 System.

We have produced a guidance table in the samples below. The table demonstrates through the Cared 4 Document Management System where compliance is achieved to the new requirements. We will also ensure that all our documents are referenced to (KLOE), Key Lines of Enquiry which will make it easier for managers to provide evidence to regulators.

You will see in the examples, how this has been achieved. On the back page of each example document, the Key Line of Enquiry and Fundamental Standard is include and evidence of how these are met in the document are displayed in the table.

Sample Key Lines of Enquiry Documents


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