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Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys

Care Quality Commission Position

The Care Quality Commission in their Key Lines of Enquiry prompts ask the question; how does the service routinely listen and learn from people’s experiences, concerns and complaints. (Responsive Services 2); and what are the arrangements to encourage relatives and friends to provide feedback?

Service User Satisfaction Surveys

Listening to and acting upon customer satisfaction surveys is recognized as one of the quickest and most accurate ways to identify your Service Users feelings about your services positives, negatives; and what improvements would enhance their perception of your service.

At the outset it is important to recognise that Service User expectations set the bar for customer satisfaction. If the Service User or relatives and friends feel that the service provided does not live up to their expectations, they will not be happy. Conversely, if they receive a service that exceeds their expectations they will recommend the service to others. “The first step in exceeding customer expectation is to know those expectations” (Roy Hollister Williams).

Questions to Ask

If a service is to get meaningful feedback in relation to Service User expectations, it is important to ask the right questions. It follows then that the questions to ask are what Service Users think are most important to them. The following are some of the questions that could form part of a Service User Satisfaction Survey.

Question 1    Do you feel comfortable and safe with staff in the care home?

Question 2    Do you feel the service enables you to have choice and control over your daily life?

Question 3    Do you feel staff meet your care needs?

Question 4    Do you feel that you are treat with dignity and respect by staff?

Question 5    Are you satisfied with the quality of food provided by the service?

Question 6    Do you feel that you are given sufficient information about your rights?

Question 7    Do you feel that you know how to make a complaint and are you confident it would be                                      listened to and acted upon?

Question 8    Overall are you happy with our service?

Question 9    Do you feel our service exceeds your expectations?

Question 10  Would you recommend our service to others?

This not an exhaustive list and could extended.

 Analysis of Results

An analysis of the results should be carried out to establish the level of satisfaction with the service and to identify whether or not Service Users expectations are being met. Any complaints or concerns received about the quality of care should be investigated thoroughly and recorded.

Publication of Findings

The manager should ensure that the results of the survey are made known to all those with an interest in the service whilst respecting the confidentiality of Service Users.

Demonstrating Improvements

Publication of the results of the satisfaction survey provides an ideal learning opportunity. It enables the service to demonstrate that it not only listens to the view of service users, relatives, friends and others with an interest in the service, but is also prepared to act and make improvements to the quality of the service.

Bettal Quality Consultancy provides a Customer Satisfaction Survey system as part of the Cared4 Quality Management System.


Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014.


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