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Supplying CQC Compliant Systems, Policies & Procedures

Are you paying too much for your policies and procedures?

At Bettal Quality Consultancy, we offer professional compliance management services to a range of clients, including care homes, domiciliary care teams, supported living facilities and daycare centres. We can provide you with a CQC-compliant quality management system complete with regularly updated policies and procedures for just £70 (+vat) per month please see our pricing plan for your service below. This is a highly competitive fee at 50% cheaper than our main competitors.

Policies and procedures written by quality professionals committed to supporting managers to deliver quality services.

Regularly updated to take into account of changes in regulations, CQC standards and best practice

Free support to people seeking CQC registration.

Our Care Compliance Vision

Here at Bettal Quality Consultancy, our compliance management vision is to provide the social care sector with quality management systems and other documentation that complies with the CQC quality statements, Local Authority Commissioners, international standards and best practices.
Registered managers using Bettal quality management system and digital technology enables them to demonstrate the quality of their service to the CQC other enforcing agencies and stakeholders.

Supplying the health and social care sector with quality management systems, policies and procedures that comply with CQC Quality Standards.

Leaders in supporting applicants with their CQC Registration and social care services with compliance

In 2023 more than 150 agencies successfully registered with the CQC with the free support of Bettal. We provide clear guidance on how to complete your CQC registration, and all the documents you need to submit for your registration.

Just £70+vat per month

Includes access to the proven Bettal Cared4 CQC Compliant Quality Management system.

Proven track record with over 25 years in business led by Albert Cook former principal inspector and Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute.

20% of all Bettal Sales come from recommendation by our customers.

A number of Bettal customers awarded CQC Outstanding Rating using the Bettal Cared4 CQC Compliant Quality Management system.

Frequently Asked Questions

People looking to purchase policies and procedures for domiciliary care services, care homes, supported living services or learning disability services, often ask the following questions:

  • What is the function of compliance management?
    Compliance management is a general term for the various systems, tools and processes a company utilises to ensure that they are compliant with compulsory rules and legislation. These can include both nationwide laws concerning the delivery of care as well as internal company policies and restrictions. Compliance management tools can help to ensure all these rules are followed properly and in an organised manner. The policies and procedures of the Bettal Quality Management System ensures compliance by being cross referenced to each quality statement enabling the inspector to see that your documentation is up to date.
  • Who needs CQC registration?
    Your company will need to apply for CQC registration if you intend to provide or are providing health and social care services in England. This is your legal obligation under the 2008 Health & Social Care Act, where you are required to register even if you are delivering these services on a temporary basis.
  • Do you keep your policies and procedures up to date?
    Bettal policies and procedures are continually updated following changes in legislation, standards, or good practice.
  • How will you help if a CQC Inspector requires more information to be added to a policy or procedure?
    In the unlikely event, Bettal will do it free of charge.
  • Do you provide training in the use of the Bettal online system?
    Bettal have regular training sessions for new and existing customers.
  • How much do Bettal policies and procedures cost?
    Cost 24-month Contract First Year 12 payments of £140.00 per month = £1680.00 plus VAT £336.00 Total = £2016.00 Second year no charge for access to the quality management system Total cost over 24 months £70.00 per month plus VAT £14.00 = £84.00
  • How Can I Find Out More?
    Please don’t hesitate to fill out our online contact form or get in touch by calling either 01697 741411 today.
  • How can a care home management system help me?
    A care home management system can help you and your team to deliver an excellent quality of service at all times. This is because our systems can contain all the compliance requirements you need to meet as a care provider in order to assist you in meeting CQC standards, meaning you can provide a high standard of care to all your patients.
  • Why is care home quality assurance important?
    Care home quality assurance is essential for both staff and residents alike. Demonstrating that your residency meets an official standard of care can offer peace of mind to prospective patients and their families, whilst helping to attract and retain skilled employees. Quality assurance also helps your establishment to maintain an impressive standard of care at all times.
  • What is domiciliary care?
    Domiciliary care is an approach to care which allows patients to remain in their own home, rather than being moved to a residential facility or a medical environment. This can help care receivers to feel comfortable and independent, where assistance can be provided on a flexible basis as and when required.
  • What’s included in domiciliary care services?
    Domiciliary care covers a wide range of services that are typically administered in a patient’s home. These can include routine assistance with taking medicine or completing physiotherapy, whilst broader services could include meal provisioning or assistance with domestic chores. Some domiciliary care providers will also accompany patients outside of the house for exercise or to attend appointments.
  • How do I register as a domiciliary care provider?
    In order to begin working as a domiciliary care provider, you will need to register with the CQC (Care Quality Commission). This registration process can be completed online, where you will need to supply a range of documentation and proof of accreditation to do this. You can also enlist the assistance of a third party to streamline the registration process - visit our domiciliary care registration page to find out more.
  • What is the Care Quality Commission?
    The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is an independent body that regulates and inspects health and adult social care services in England. The commission ensures that these services are run safely, effectively and with a focus on care and compassion. Their work covers hospitals, dentists, care homes and domiciliary care services across the country.
  • What domiciliary care policies and procedures are required when registering a care service?
    A range of policies and procedures must be properly documented and submitted when registering a care service. These include: safeguarding policy, medicines policy, statement of purpose, business plan, governance policy, infection control policy. Make this registration process straightforward with Bettal Quality Consultancy, where we can help you to manage all your paperwork effectively.
  • What is care compliance software?
    Care compliance software helps you to ensure that you will achieve CQC compliance by allowing you to effectively manage your documentation as well as audit and assess your care provisioning in line with CQC standards. This will help to streamline your registration or inspection process, where you will be able to anticipate your final compliance rating.
  • How can I get a guaranteed domiciliary care registration?
    There is no way to fully guarantee a domiciliary care registration. This will depend upon a CQC Fit Person Interview carried out by the CQC and the content of your business plan, which is not our concern. However, we can guarantee the policies and procedures in the Bettal CQC Compliant Quality Management System that form a major part of your application. In the unlikely event that the CQC require any amendment to a document, we will do it free of charge. Or, subject to a letter from the CQC that our documentation did not meet their registration requirements, we offer a money-back guarantee.
  • How can I ensure CQC compliant policies and procedures?
    In order to ensure that you are compliant with CQC policies and procedures, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of what this legislation means and how it should be applied. Investing in a quality management system containing all the policies and procedures you need can also help to ensure that you don’t overlook anything.
  • Do domiciliary care agencies need to be CQC registered?
    Yes, all domiciliary care agencies need to be CQC registered in order to ensure that they are meeting essential quality standards. This is the case for any health and adult social care provider, whether care is provided on a permanent or temporary basis.
  • Do you offer free support with CQC registration?
    We offer a 24-hour free trial of the Bettal Cared4 CQC Compliant Quality Management system, so you can make sure that our system is right for you. You can also contact us directly to make a free enquiry about our CQC registration support.
  • Why are policies and procedures for health and social care important?
    Policies and procedures for health and adult social care are essential for maintaining a high quality service for all patients and residents. CQC compliance ensures that every care provider is working to the same standard of responsibility and professionalism, in order to create safe environments for the most vulnerable to receive the assistance they need.

Useful Videos

Bettal CQC Online Registration for Domiciliary Care

Quality Statements

Bettal Quality Consultancy CQC compliance at an affordable cost

Register now to experience the Bettal difference, where our policies, procedures and forms have been successfully accepted by CQC professionals as part of their rigorous inspection and registration process.


Our systems are now used by over 10,000 staff across the social care sector.

The Internationally recognised Bettal Cared4 system

The Bettal Cared4 CQC Compliant Quality Management system is used in both care homes and domiciliary care services in Baden-Württemberg and Warsaw. Our care compliance is key to research projects in these countries.

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We have received outstanding support from the staff at Bettal who are very responsive and tentative to our enquiries.   

The standard and quality of Bettal P&Ps are excellent, well written and informative. We have never been asked for and additional information when providing the policies as part of our service and we have used these to register with 2 separate Local Authorities accreditation process and registering with the CQC where we have received positive feedback for our P&Ps.   

We are extremely satisfied with the overall service we receive and this has helped us to shape our services, provide very positive outcomes for individuals and helped us to demonstrate our professionalism and diligence as a provider. 

When it comes to quality management services for the health and social sector,

We offer a system written by experts and proven to comply with the requirements of the Care Quality Commission.

A system that will deliver quality to people who use your service and give you confidence during inspections through our unique Guidance for Managers Section that shows managers and inspectors where standards are being met. 

Talk to us now on: 01697 741411

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