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Bettal at the National Care Association Conference.

Updated: Jun 12

At Bettal we have a long tradition of supporting social care providers with CQC compliance management materials so that they can get on with the business of caring. We are proud to be one of the sponsors of the National Care Association who represent small and medium-sized care providers at a governmental level as well as with the NHS and CQC. 


We are especially pleased to be a sponsor this year as the NCA and Bettal share some common goals. Like the NCA, Bettal has a vision to supply the social care sector with products which are good value for money.


In fact our two mantras at Bettal are:


●      Supplying the health and social care sector with quality management systems, policies and procedures that comply with CQC Quality Standards.

●      Care compliance at an affordable cost.


This aligns well with the NCA values which state:


●      We work to the highest standards and make sure we are the best we can be.

●      We support people to be the best they can be.


Read on to find out more about how we spent our time at the National Care Association Conference

Turning The Tide

The theme of the NCA Conference on the 9th May 2024 at the Manchester United Football Ground was Turning The Tide…Fighting Back! This theme refers to the fact that successive governments have ignored the needs of social care and social care providers for a long time and the NCA wants to do something about this. 


The fact that social care is not a priority for governments leaves care providers facing a raft of challenges at a time when all they really want to be doing is providing care. Key among the challenges which the NCA identify social care providers are facing are funding and issues with the workforce.


At the conference delegates heard from guest speakers:


●      Andrew Gwynne MP: Shadow Minister of Social Care.

●      Sir David Pearson: Co-Chair of a national Steering Group to develop an Adult Social Care Workforce Strategy.

●      James Bullion: Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care and Integrated Care at the Care Quality Commission.


Who provided their insights into the future landscape of social care as we approach the general election, as well as to what they believe should be done to address these challenges.

How Bettal Can Help

At Bettal, we appreciate that social care provision is challenging, care compliance is challenging, managing staffing is challenging and making ends meet as a social care provider is challenging.


While we cannot help all social care providers with every challenge they face, we believe that our blend of expertise gained from decades of experience within the health and social care sector means that we can help in some areas.


For example, Bettal is a leading provider of documentation for domiciliary care registration as well as domiciliary care policies and procedures. We also supply registration and other documentation and policies and procedures for health and social care providers of other types including supported living and residential care.


Our approach to documentation is to make the documents fit what social care providers know and understand. All of our compliance management documentation is written in Word and sits in a simple-to-navigate online repository rather than a complex online environment. We don’t expect you to get to grips with a complex online environment when we know you have enough else to contend with.  

Quality Care Services From Bettal

Being a social care provider is challenging at the best of times with daily decisions having to be made about a whole raft of challenging issues. Signing up for a quality compliance management system which supports you with CQC-compliant policies and procedures for an affordable price is one of the easy decisions.  


Here at Bettal Quality Consultancy, we have a comprehensive and regularly updated suite of policies, procedures and risk assessments tailored to all forms of social care provision and proven to support busy registered managers and their teams in both registration and the provision of CQC-compliant care.


While we believe we are already great value for money, being less than half the price of our leading competitor, we are offering an additional 5% discount to NCA members throughout 2024!


If you would like to know more, contact us today.


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