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Bettal’s overwhelming success in supporting homecare providers to achieve registration

Bettal Quality Consultancy has a record of providing quality management systems (policies and procedures) to the social care sector for more than 30 years. We are proud to announce that over the past three years we have supported hundreds of homecare services to successfully achieve registration of their service. This is despite the impact of COVID-19 on all businesses.

Registration of homecare services is a complex business, involving:

– Knowledge of the social care business to be registered – The operation of the business – Information about the registered person – Knowledge of standards and legislation – Policies and procedures (quality management system)

Any applicant thinking that they can gain registration without some additional external support may find themselves in some difficulty. Here, I am not talking about someone writing some policies and procedures (which will take a great deal of time) or if you purchase them, they are unlikely to fit in with any other document management system used in the future.

What has led to Bettal’s success?


The Bettal approach to registration is based on the experience of our staff who have many years’ experience in social care as inspectors, qualified auditors, and managers of social care services.

Understanding the registration requirements of the Care Quality Commission

Bettal knows that in the first instance we must support the applicant in having a clear understanding of what the CQC is look for, alongside an appreciation of the legislation that underpins the CQC guidance for providers. We support the applicant with the 2 stages of registration.


Bettal provides a registration pack that includes guidance on the registration, along with a video on the process and all the polices, procedures and other documents to be submitted to CQC for registration.

The registration pack is based upon the CQC guidance for providers and the documents contain guidance for inspectors on what they are looking for. STAGE TWO

Provision of guidance on the meeting with the CQC inspector.

Bettal Quality Management System

All the documents in the registration pack form part of the Bettal Quality Management on- line system that contains all the documents required for the future operation of the homecare service.

Some of our customers who run their business using the Bettal Quality Management System have received outstanding ratings. Bettal is in the business of improving care for service users and unlike many of our competitors, makes no charge for supporting people to achieve registration.

Why not join the hundreds of other homecare agencies who are now registered with the support of Bettal

Some of the reasons why you should choose Bettal to support you with your registration:

– Experienced staff – Tack record of over 30 years – Knowledge of what CQC is looking for – Quality management system with proven policies and procedures that have achieved outstanding rating – Customer care second to none – No cost for support with your registration.

Why not browse our products to learn more?

Or give Stuart or Kathy a call on 01697 741 411.

Thank you.

Albert Cook BA, MA & Fellow Charted Quality Institute Managing Director Bettal Quality Consultancy

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