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Effective auditing in care: Audit checklist - part 9 of 13

9.0 AUDIT CHECKLISTThere are 4 main tools used by an auditor: • The audit checklist • Asking questions • Listening carefully to what is said• Observing what is being done. Before an audit takes place the relevant policy and procedure should be read by the auditor to identify the actions required to be carried out as part of a procedure or policy. The role of the auditor is to create a checklist that contains the required identified actions and the questions to be asked to confirm that they are being done as intended. Part 10 coming next week. Albert CookManaging DirectorBettal Quality Consultancy Fellow Chartered Quality InstituteThe Cared 4 quality management system contains all the tools you require to carry out effective auditing. We are developed an audit pack to sit alongside these guidance notes which is available from Bettal Quality Consultancy. Please call us on 016977 41411 if you would like more information.

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