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15 minutes isn't nearly enough time for home care visits

Providers of Home Care Services should note with interest that following reports of some local authorities making funding available for only 15 minutes for home care visits to clients homes. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance recommends that Carers should spend at least 30 minutes on home visits to older people in England as part of a new gold standard for services. The new guidance also includes a package of measures ensuring people's carers are not changed too frequently. But it acknowledged extra money would be needed to fund the measures.Here what Bettal thinks... Political analysts, Social Care Advisors and the Care Quality Commission continue to beat the drum for greater quality in the delivery of Home Care Services. The question needs to be asked what can be achieved in the building of a professional relationship essential to the delivery of quality home care unless sufficient time is made available to do it. The 15 minute visit should be phased out and sufficient time made available to plan, deliver and record effective Home Care Services. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss anything in this article.
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