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Are you paying too much for your policies and procedures?

A quality management documentation system (policies and procedures) is key to the operation of any social care service. Indeed, the quality of documents and records is the first port of call that a CQC inspector will check to ensure that a service is meeting the Health and Social Care Regulations, Fundamental Standards and Key lines of Enquiry.

Purchasing policies and procedures is an investment and providers must ensure that they get value for money and not paying too much.

Importance of policies and procedures

One cannot over stress the importance of policies and procedures that comply to the requirements of the CQC. As you will appreciate, we get hundreds of enquiries from people setting up a new social care service for the purchase of Bettal Quality management System.

What always surprises me is the first question a potential customer will ask is ‘what is the cost’.

We try to turn this around and suggest they should be asking more about value for money. Providers do not want to invest in a system that doesn’t address their needs.

In essence there are a range of things that a customer should consider namely: • Is the system compliant to the requirements of the CQC. • Are the policies and procedures easy for staff to follow. • Is the system kept up to date. • Is there good customer service. • Is the system recommended by fellow professionals.

In addition, the customer should take into account the track record of the company. Bettal Quality Consultancy have supplied the social care sector with policies and procedures for almost 30 years. This gives new customers confidence in our products along with the knowledge that over 20% of all our customers have come from recommendations by existing customers.

Unique features of the Bettal policies and procedures

The following are some of the unique features of the Bettal System: • Guidance for managers on where the documents address CQC Key Lines of Enquiry • Guidance for inspectors on where all the prompts contained in the CQC Key Lines of Enquiry are contained in the documents. • All documents within the system are cross referenced to individual policies and procedures.

What should a social care service pay for policies and procedures

Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. There are a range of suppliers in the market. If you buy a system which is not updated, you expect to pay less, but without updating, you need to ask will the system meet the requirements of CQC? At the top end of the market, you may well pay over £2000 per annum for your system.

Bettal quality Consultancy can provide you with all your policies and procedures you need that will comply with the requirements of CQC with all the features I have discussed in this blog for as little as £70 per month: why pay more?

Our aim is to provide a compliant quality management system giving value for money at a fair price.


Having the policies and procedures that deliver best practice and quality care is central to the operation of a successful social care service. Given the importance of documentation to compliance to CQC Standards, providers and managers should consider more than cost alone.

This blog contains an overview of some of the features that should be given serious consideration, alongside cost.

Managers contemplating the renewal of their policies and procedures contract may want to ask the question are they paying too much.

Why not consider what Bettal can offer your service for just £70 per month.

If you would like to learn more about the Bettal Quality Management System please visit our website. Or:  Email: Telephone: 01697741411

Albert Cook BA, MA & Fellow Charted Quality Institute Managing Director Bettal Quality Consultancy

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