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Bettal success in supporting homecare providers to achieve registration

This year we have seen here at Bettal Quality Consultancy a rapid increase in the number of potential homecare providers seeking our support to help them achieve registration. I believe the increase in numbers can be attributed to the Bettal Registration Support Package that has enabled hundreds of homecare / domiciliary care agencies to achieve registration.

We are grateful to our existing customers who have recommended more than 20% of our existing customer base and the Homecare Managers Support Group on Facebook who have invested in our services.

What is the essence of Bettal Quality Consultancy registration support to providers

The Bettal Registration Support Pack is based on our experience of what the CQC are looking for in business who are seeking registration. In essence the requirements of the CQC are all there on their website.

What Bettal have done is to design a support package that addresses them, including the Statement of Purpose, Training Matrix, business plan and all the other documentation required by the CQC.

What is equally important is the knowledge of the detail, as the CQC not only wants to see that the applicant has the required documentation in place, but also who is responsible for ensuring that it is followed. It cannot be overstated that our success is in the detail.

Registration is a two-stage process

In stage one the applicant is required to submit a range of documents to the CQC provided by Bettal Quality Consultancy that can be amended as appropriate by the provider seeking registration. Bettal also provide advice on the completion of the documentation.

Stage two involves an in-depth interview to establish the applicants understanding of the CQC Fundamental Standards and the Key Lines of Enquiry. The Bettal Registration Support Pack provides guidance on how to approach the interview.

Links between registration documentation and the Bettal online system

The documentation Bettal uses to support providers with their registration application is drawn from the Bettal Quality Management online system. This in effect means that providers can you the same documentation in the running of their service when they achieve registration.

Why people seeking registration you should invest in Bettal

Bettal have a fine track record in supporting hundreds of agencies to achieve registration.

We believe providers seeking registration support should consider 4 basic questions:

• Does the supplier have a successful track record in supporting agencies with registration • Is the supplier’s documentation compliant with the registration requirements of CQC. • Is the registration package recommended by others • Is the cost competitive.

I have covered the first 3 points earlier so we can now turn to cost. People who making application for registration will receive Bettal Registration Support Pack and access to the online Bettal Quality Management System containing all the documentation required to run a homecare service, for as little as £70 per month. This is over £700 less than our main competitor.


I have covered in this blog the support offered by Bettal Quality Consultancy to providers making application for registration. Given our track record of success in supporting hundreds of agencies to achieve registration; providers of homecare services who are currently thinking about registration may wish to learn more about our services.

Contact details: Bettal Quality Consultancy Website: Email: Telephone: 01697741411

Albert Cook BA, MA & Fellow Charted Quality Institute Managing Director Bettal Quality Consultancy

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