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Care Quality Commission Ratings Guide [pdf]

The Care Quality Commission recently produced a useful guide for care providers advising on how ratings should be displayed.

The guide covers the following 10 sections:

1. Introduction

This includes an overview of what you need to do if you have been awarded a CQC Rating. Read more.

2. What must I do?

Where are how to display your CQC Ratings. Read more.

3. Physical display

Detailing the different provider types (NHS Hospital, Residential Social Care, GP, Independent etc) and whether each needs to display provider, premises or an activity poster. Read more.

4. Online display

What to do if you have a website and how to display your CQC Rating on your website using the toolkit provided. Read more.

5. When do I have to display my rating?

Explains that you have no more than 21 days to display your CQC Rating. Read more.

6. Are there any exemptions?

There are several providers who are exempt as they are not rated by the Care Quality Commission. The list currently includes IVF clinics, prison healthcare services, NHS blood and transplant services, some independent doctors and psychiatrists plus others. Read more.

7. How will the new regulation be enforced?

What happens if you don’t comply by displaying your CQC Rating? This page explains. Read more.

8. Supporting improvement

Gives the opportunity to show how your are improving your service. Read more.

9. Celebrating excellence

Advice on how to publicise your CQC Rating should you be rated at ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’. Read more.

10. Ratings display toolkit

The ratings display toolkit containing everything you need to display your CQC Rating both on and offline. Read more.

Thank you for reading.

If you need any help or advice, please contact us and ask for Stuart or Albert.

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