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Care services: Effective auditing - part 1 of 13

1.0 INTRODUCTIONManagers and staff often consider internal auditing to be a daunting task. This is hardly surprising given the many other tasks expected of them and the time involved .It may however have something to do with their understanding of what auditing is, ortheir experience of carrying out an audit programme, and the methods used to identify and record evidence of the audit. It is my aim in these guidance notes to improve managers understanding of the audit process and provide best practice guidance that will and enable managers to feel more confident about auditing. The guidance on auditing will be produced in non-technical language and appropriate to care settings. It draws on the British Standards Institute approach to internal auditing. Part 2 coming next week. Albert CookManaging DirectorBettal Quality Consultancy Fellow Chartered Quality InstituteThe Cared 4 quality management system contains all the tools you require to carry out effective auditing. We are developed an audit pack to sit alongside these guidance notes which is available from Bettal Quality Consultancy. Please call us on 016977 41411 if you would like more information.

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