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How can care providers comply with CQC fundamental standards?

Recent reports in the press continue to criticise care home providers for failing to comply with the requirements of the Fundamental standards and Care Quality Commission. We all know the difficulties of providing quality services with limited resources, but the bottom line is that there are an increasing number of services who are complying with the standards.

Why then do some services have difficulties in addressing the standards and demonstrating compliance to CQC? Here at Bettal we believe that care services will achieve quality and demonstrate compliance if they have the following pre-requisites of quality in place:

– Owners and management committed to quality – Well trained, enthusiastic and caring staff – A quality management system that supports managers and staff to deliver quality care – Records of auditing that provide evidence that the service is operating as intended by the manager and complies to the standards – Evidence of service user’s involvement in care and outcome achievement – Evidence of service user’s satisfaction with the service

Bettal believes that most managers would agree that these essential requirements of a quality service and evidence suggests they underpin CQC inspections.

In our cared 4 quality management we provide all the documentation you require to demonstrate to CQC that you provide a quality service that is compliant to the fundamental standards.

Why not contact us to learn more about how the Bettal Quality Management System plus our knowledge of the care sector and quality assurance can support you to become a quality service.

We would welcome feedback on Facebook and Twitter on the value of our list of pre-requisites of quality and other articles and blogs that appear on this site.

Thank you for reading.

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