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The Importance of Domiciliary Care During the Holidays

Updated: Jun 11

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, it’s a time for celebrations and joy spent with those you love. However, for people who require specific care requirements, the holiday season isn’t always as smooth sailing.

Being a busy time of year for all, looking after loved ones who require care can be especially burdensome on families, while those who receive said care may struggle with feelings of loneliness. In this blog, we’ll cover why at-home care is especially important during the holidays.

Care home staff

Maintaining Important Support

For those people who require some form of care, whether that be physical, medical or social support, this need doesn’t suddenly stop when the holidays roll around. While many workers will have arranged time off and are busy arranging their lives around the festivities, it’s important that these patients still receive the same, consistent care that they need.

This is especially important when staying with or receiving help from family isn’t an option, nor is a temporary stay at a care home. Maintaining the level of care that they’re used to ensures that their health and wellbeing is maintained and that these patients don’t feel forgotten or burdensome during the festive period.

Offer Patients’ Loved Ones Respite

Many individuals who receive home-care are heavily supported by their loved ones. While they are undoubtedly happy and willing to continue to offer their care and support, domiciliary care offers these loved ones a much-deserved break over the holiday season.

Of course, they wouldn’t necessarily relinquish all of their responsibilities, but they would at least be able to share these and spread their time elsewhere over the holiday season, allowing them the time to manage other commitments and, more importantly, enjoy some downtime.

Tackle Loneliness

A large number of individuals who require care are elderly. For these people especially, life can be rather lonely, with many not able to socialise often with friends and/or family. In fact, for a lot of elderly people, domiciliary care is the only form of social interaction they receive.

Being elderly can be incredibly lonely, especially during the holidays, which may remind them of times spent with family years ago that they perhaps no longer get to enjoy. This makes domiciliary care services even more important during these times, ensuring that patients' mental and emotional wellbeing is being supported as well as their physical wellbeing.

Register Your Domiciliary Care Service Today

Offering domiciliary care is incredibly impactful and rewarding. If you require help registering a CQC domiciliary care service, then let us help you here at Bettal Quality Consultancy Limited.

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