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Understanding the requirements of Care Quality Commission Registration

Potential providers seeking registration of their social care service are often daunted when faced with the task of completing the CQC Registration Form. From the CQC point of view it is essential that they receive as much information as they can about the person and the type of service that is seeking registration. Additionally, the registration is required to conform to the regulations of the Social Care Act Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 and the Fundamental standards.

In order to help people, complete their application for registration the CQC have produced a booklet; ‘How to fill in the application form for registration as a new provider of regulated activities’ which contains the following sections: •    Statement on Data Protection Act 1998 •    Statement of Purpose •    Section 1: Organisation •    Section 2: Individual •    Section 3: Partnership •    Section 4: Financial information •    Section 5: The regulated activities you want to provide •    Section 6: The locations you want to provide regulated activity(s) at or from 23 •    Section 7: Details about how you will provide your service •    Section 8: Information that must be available on request •    Section 9: Supporting notes •    Section 10: Application declaration

My experience has shown that some new providers will have difficulty in understanding the requirements of the Statement of Purpose or details of how they will address Section 7 and provide information on Safe, Effective, Responsive, Caring and Well Led Services.

Here at Bettal we are committed to supporting all new providers with registration. This is the first of a series of blogs and up and coming we will provide more information to help new providers gain an understanding of the requirements of the Statement of Purpose and Section 7. Of the registration application.

Albert Cook Albert Cook BA, MA & Fellow Charted Quality Institute Managing Director Bettal Quality Consultancy

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