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Why Use Bettal’s CQC Compliant Policies and Documents

Updated: Jun 14

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Having worked in health and social care for several decades, at Bettal we are aware of the stresses and strains of providing and managing a business that provides care. One of the conversations we frequently have with providers of care is about how they will manage their time, make a living and deliver quality care services while remaining Care Quality Commission compliant.


Some people approach Bettal knowing that they want support with their policies and procedures, whether that be for domiciliary or care home management, and have already decided to go with Bettal’s Cared4 system.  Other people approach us wanting to explore their options and want us to explain why they should choose to use our CQC-compliant quality management system for their business. 


We believe there are many good reasons for choosing Bettal to supply your policies and procedures, here we discuss a few of these:

Cost efficiencies

The Bettal Cared4 system costs £70 plus VAT each month and for that, you get all the policies and procedures you need for domiciliary care, supported living or care home management as well as a host of other documents. 


These documents are:

●      Tried and tested

●      Kept up to date

●      Available online 24/7

●      Added to when things change in health and social care


We don’t compromise on quality, instead, we choose to spend your money wisely on creating and maintaining a great product and we believe in good value for money.

CQC Compliance

At Bettal we spend a lot of time making sure we understand what CQC complaint policies and procedures look like. We adapt and update policies and procedures as soon as we become aware of changes in requirements and create new ones when the landscape of care changes.


One key example of our new and innovative documentation is our new Single Assessment Framework audit tool, which we will be launching soon.  We created this audit tool to help social care providers navigate, document and evidence how they are meeting the CQC Quality Statements and I Statements.


As Bettal supports a large number of agencies to register with the CQC each year we know our policies and procedures are up to date and meet CQC requirements, so you don’t need to worry.


Domiciliary and care home management is time-consuming, with the greatest cost being wages, especially those of senior staff.  We believe a core strategy for freeing up time is to outsource policy and procedure writing to create time for senior staff to engage in other tasks to support the development of their quality care services and care home procedures. 


If a Registered Manager has to service 150 policies each year, then they would need to review at least three every week.  Reviewing policies is time-consuming as there is a need to:

●      Review legislation – especially that which is new and updated

●      Review guidance, advice and updates from a host of organisations including the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, The Social Care Institute for Excellence, the Department of Health and Social Care and the CQC, to name only a few.

●      Consider the wording and accessibility of the policy/procedure to all staff and, where appropriate, people using the services and those important to them.

●      Devise any additional documentation necessary to support the adoption of the new policy or procedure.


However one looks at it, this is not the best use of time, money or skills for the majority of social care providers.


In this blog, we have seen how adopting Bettal’s Cared4 system can provide benefits for domiciliary care, supported living and care home management. We have identified that the three main reasons for adopting our quality management systems relate to cost efficiency, time-saving and CQC compliance.


Bettal Quality Consultancy has a comprehensive and regularly updated suite of policies, procedures and risk assessments tailored to all forms of social care provision, to support busy registered managers and their teams in the provision of CQC compliant care.


If you are still not sure whether your service would benefit from adopting our quality management systems and would like to know more, browse our website or get in touch with our friendly team today. We even offer a free trial, helping you to experience our high-quality services yourself.


Telephone: 01697 741411


Peter Ellis MA MSc BSc(Hons) RN


Bettal Quality Consultancy

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