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Thinking about registering a domiciliary care agency or supported living service?

Why you should use Bettal Quality Consultancy if you are thinking about registering a domiciliary care agency or supported living service.

Bettal Quality Consultancy has seen an upsurge in the number of customers seeking to register a domiciliary care agency or supported living service. This is probably due to more confidence returning to the sector through additional government support and improvement in recruitment. We also have reason to believe that prospective providers are turning to Bettal because of our track record in supporting people to achieve registration.

Why choose Bettal?

In 2022 Bettal was successful in supporting more than 130 agencies to achieve registration. Our records show that 98% of our customers were successful with their registration application with the support of Bettal. The CQC found no problems with Bettal documentation which complied with their requirements.

Bettal Registration Package

Key to our success is the Bettal Registration Package. It provides our customers with all the information they need to complete their application, including essential documents, for example, the Statement of Purpose, Business Plan, and policies on safeguarding, etc.

Customers are given guidance on the documents that need to be sent to CQC and how to complete stage one of the process. There is also guidance on preparing for stage 2.

Bettal Cared4 CQC Compliant Quality Management

The documentation that forms part of the registration package is also contained in the Bettal Quality Management System. The system includes all the policies and procedures you will need to address the CQC Quality Statements and where to find evidence. In essence, we have cross-referenced the requirements of the CQC to where they can be found in the relevant policy or procedure making it easier for inspectors to ascertain evidence.

The system also includes comprehensive audit tools that will enable managers to provide supportive evidence on how they are complying with the quality statements and regulated activities.

We also ensure that the system is kept up to date by acting upon new regulations and standards produced by the CQC, and best practice guidance from NICE, SCIE, and ACAS.


Bettal has a track record of supporting people to gain registration. Although we cannot guarantee registration because the CQC considers other factors than the quality of documentation, for example, fit person requirements and business planning. We do guarantee Bettal documentation to meet the requirements of the Care Quality Commission. In the unlikely event that the CQC were to find that a Bettal document did not comply with their requirements, we will amend the document free of charge.


In these trying economic times, Bettal wants to encourage new agencies to enter the care sector and has adopted a policy of keeping down the cost of our registration support and spreading the cost as much as possible.

For as little as £70 per month plus VAT, customers receive the Bettal Registration Pack and the Bettal Cared4 CQC Compliant Quality Management System which includes all the policies and procedures an agency will need to operate their service.

Customer Care

All our staff are committed to quality care and a good customer experience. We are here to help and in the business of taking time to answer any queries.


People wishing to enter the care industry who are seeking to register a domiciliary care agency or supported living service may wish to contact Bettal Quality Consultancy. We are the leaders in supporting people to achieve registration and we do this at a reasonable cost. If you seek the service of our main competitors, it will cost you twice as much for registration support. Given over 130 people gained registration in 2022 and growing numbers in 2023, while we cannot guarantee registration more than 98% of customers have done so.

Bettal Website

If you would like to learn more about the Bettal Quality Management System please visit our website at:

Telephone: 01697 741 411

Albert Cook BA, MA & Fellow Charted Quality Institute

Managing Director

Bettal Quality Consultancy

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