Huge thank you to our customers

Yesterday was Blue Monday but here at Bettal we have nothing to be blue about…

We received lots of lovely messages over the Christmas period from our customers and we’re sharing a few here:

Dear Kath and All Bettal Staff,

I am eternally grateful for the support you have given me over the year.

Happy Christmas to Everyone!

Ann – The Charterhouse – Queen Elizabeth 11 Infirmary


Merry Christmas from all of us at Quality Care of Cheadle.

Bridie Meehan – Quality Care of Cheadle



Katie Barnes – Edgar Street Manager


Thank you Ann, Bridie and Katie… your comments are much appreciated.

From all at Bettal Quality Consultancy.

What do our customers really think of us?

At Bettal we’ve had some fabulous feedback recently from our customers.

Here’s feedback from Denise Baron, Manager at Larchfield Manor Residential Home:

Larchfield Manor Residential Home

“Having looked at other document management systems I believe that the content quality and detail outstrips others especially the detailed work that they have done in ensuring that services comply with the Fundamental Standards and Keylines of Enquiry”. CQC RATING GOOD

Thank you Denise for letting us know how we’re doing.

The team at Bettal.

What the inspectors and assessors say…

It isn’t only our customers who love our products, the inspectors and assessors are happy too!

“Thank you for your confidence in asking PQA to evaluate and desk audit your latest ISO 9001 compliant system. It is one of the most thorough and completely documented systems of its type we have seen.”
Stuart M Powell, Senior Assessor/Auditor, Professional Quality Assessments

“We support the introduction of this system as a way of developing a quality organisation.”
R.D.B Residential and Domiciliary Care Benchmarking

“Inspectors have always expressed their satisfaction with the Cared 4 system.”
Nick Chambers, Chair, LinCA, and Chief Executive of Lace Housing

What our customers say about our products…

Here is just some of the feedback our customers have given us about our service and products.

“Cared 4 is a godsend! We have been running for only two years, but CQC inspectors have commented that we have better documentation than agencies that have been running for many years.”
Lee Marsh, New Horizons Trust

“Constructive support and guidance given by your Bettal staff is very much appreciated!”
David Pangbourne, Bournedale House Residential Home

“Chuffed with the content of Cared 4 and pleased with the service.”
David McDougall, Middleway Care Ltd

“We recently purchased the Cared 4 Quality Management System and it has provided us with all our needs. We ‘hit the road’ well prepared prior to our first inspection. It is easy to use and I have recommended its purchase to several Home Owners / Home Managers. I highly recommend the product.”
Chris Doyle, Manager Marine Court Ltd

 “The Bettal QMS is wonderful!”
Mrs Margaret Monteith, The Wren Care Home Ltd

“Cared 4 policies and procedures are set in such an orderly manner that they are easy for all grades of staff to follow.”
Lindsey Pittam, Manager Ashwood Park Residential Care Home

“We are delighted with the conciseness, comprehensiveness and ease of use of the Cared 4 System.”
John Cairns, Manager Hazel House Nursing Home

“I am very impressed with the Cared 4 product and the service – much better than your competitors.”