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Domiciliary Care Registration At An Affordable Cost

Our team here at Bettal Quality Consultancy is dedicated to making your journey to domiciliary care registration as simple as possible. By offering tailored resources and our bespoke guidance, we can guide you through a smooth domiciliary care registration process and enhanced, quality care. 

First step:
your Registration Pack at just £70+
vat per month

This contains all the documentation and guidance you need for successful CQC Registration and access to the Bettal Cared4 CQC Compliant Quality Management System.

With our support, 99% of applicants who have applied have achieved CQC domiciliary care registation.

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…and to give you even more confidence in our commitment to you:

  • Over 150 domiciliary care agencies successfully registered with the support of Bettal Quality Consultancy - and we’re set to beat that number in 2024!

  • In the unlikely event that you are refused registration because of your Bettal CQC registration-compliant documents, we will refund your subscription if you provide us with written evidence from the Care Quality Commission to that effect.

What does the Bettal CQC Registration Pack contain?

  • Receive clear and useful guidance on how to complete your CQC registration documentation. 

  • Access a comprehensive, tailored list of the documents you need to submit for your registration. 

  • You can benefit from our organised documentation system, in line with CQC Quality Statements, Regulations, and Standards for easy reference.

  • Gain access to the Bettal Cared4 system, offering a range of CQC-compliant policies and procedures to improve your service.

Benefit from clear, step-by-step guidance

  1. A guided step-by-step understanding of your registration process.

  2. Guidance on completion of your CQC registration.

  3. The documents you are required to submit with your registration.

  4. The documents you will need to have at hand on the day of registration.

  5. Documented evidence or statements of how you will provide your service.

  6. Free training to use the Cared4 System including navigating to registration information.

The Bettal Cared4 System for domiciliary care has so much to offer:

  • Over 300 online documents.

  • Comprehensive step by step policies and procedures that staff find easy to use.

  • Regular updating and alerts.

  • Guidance for managers on where the evidenced based documents address CQC Quality Statements and Related Regulations.

  • Guidance for inspectors on where evidence is contained within the documents.

Bettal Quality Consultancy's policies and procedures for domiciliary care are designed with clarity and in line with best practices, making each step of the process simple for staff. Our systematic approach transforms the Bettal Cared4 CQC Compliant Quality Management System into more than just a regulatory rule, doubling as a beneficial training resource helping staff to enhance their understanding of care standards. 

It enables managers to give new staff policies and procedures that are commensurate with their role. It is based on best practice, and compliance with CQC Quality Statements, Related Regulations, and Fundamental Standards so that staff gain an understanding of quality of care from their induction at the outset and ongoing.

Unique Features Include:

  • Guidance for managers on where evidenced based policies and procedures address Quality Statements

  • Guidance for inspectors on where evidence is contained within the documents.

  • Cross referencing of all Quality Statements to relevant policy or procedure

  • Prompts for domiciliary care staff when they need to report concerns to their line manager when visiting a service user’s home.

  • Documentation that supports a compassionate and respectful domiciliary care service: including culture, values, ethos and good governance.

Tried and Tested

Produced by former principal inspector and managers of care services.

A track record of 25 years supporting health and social care services.

The Bettal Cared4 System is now used by more than 10,000 care staff across England.

Bettal Pricing Plan 2023

Cost 24-month contract

Thank you for your interest in purchasing the Bettal Cared4 CQC Compliant Quality Management System, our main competitors charge double this amount.

First Year 12 payments of £140.00 per month = £1680.00 plus VAT £336.00
Total = £2016.00

Second year no charge for access to the quality management system

Total cost over 24 months £70.00 per month plus VAT £14.00 = £84.00

What Is In Your Subscription

Bettal Registration Pack that guides you through the CQC Registration Process

Free Registration Guidance

Guidance for CQC Inspectors on where registration requirements are met

A Quality Management System that complies with CQC Quality Statements & Related Regulations

A proven Registration System that has achieved 99% success rate

Quality documentation known and approved by CQC Inspectors

All this for just £70+vat per month…

So, if you are looking to register a domiciliary care service, you will not get a better offer than this. Our main competitors charge double this amount.

Talk to us now on:

01697 741411

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