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Policies & Procedures
Expertly Written Compliant Documents

The Bettal Quality Management System of CQC compliant policies and procedures addresses the CQC Quality Statements and takes out the effort of searching for compliance evidence.


Ready To Edit Policies

Our ready-made, CQC-compliant policies make compliance effortless. Focus on care, not files.


Automatic Updates

We keep policies up-to-date and automatically amend your policies through our software.


Unbeatable Expertise

Our team, including former CQC inspectors, know the regulations inside-out.


Beyond CQC

We help you build a robust quality management system that fosters continuous improvement.

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CQC Compliant Documents

Policy and Procedure Solutions for Health and Social Care

Our team boasts 25+ years of experience supporting care providers like you. Our consultants are seasoned professionals, including former CQC inspectors, with intimate knowledge of regulations, best practices, and the ever-evolving care landscape. That's why Bettal Quality Consultancy is a leader in empowering the care industry with CQC-compliant policies and procedures designed to streamline operations and elevate quality.

So ensure peace of mind for just £70/month, or sign up for a free trial to see for yourself before you subscribe.

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What You Can Expect From Bettal

Confidence and Support Every Step of the Way

Our 300+ policies are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, compliant with regulations and good practices from the CQC, NICE, and SCIE. This ensures not just compliance, but adherence to the highest standards of care excellence.

More Than Just Paperwork

  • Continuous Updates for Complete Compliance: We stay current, regularly updating our Cared4 System to reflect the latest regulations, standards, and recommendations. 

  • A Comprehensive Solution: Whether you are new to CQC registration or an existing care provider the Bettal Cared4 System is adaptable providing over 300 compliant documents.

  • Effortless Management and Accessibility: The user-friendly online platform makes managing your policies a breeze. Documents are easily accessible, organised, and editable, empowering your staff to readily find the information they need to consistently deliver high-quality care.

  • Confidence and Support Every Step of the Way: We believe in building partnerships. With Bettal, you gain access to ongoing support and guidance from our team of experts. 

The Bettal Difference

Investing In Bettal Is An Investment In Your Future

A system that will deliver quality to people who use your service and give you confidence during inspections through our unique Guidance for Managers Section that shows managers and inspectors where standards are being met. 

Benefits Of Bettal Cared4 Policies & Procedures

  • Reduced Risk: Our CQC-compliant policies help mitigate compliance risks, protecting your service from potential penalties and safeguarding your reputation.

  • Empowered Staff and Exceptional Care: Clear and accessible procedures empower your staff, enabling them to confidently deliver consistent, high-quality care.

  • Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings: Streamlined processes and effective documentation reduce time spent on administrative tasks and free up resources for what truly matters – delivering exceptional care.

  • Sustainable Growth and a Solid Foundation: By prioritising compliance and building a robust quality management system, you lay the groundwork for long-term growth and sustainable success.

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Plans & Pricing

For New and Existing CQC-Regulated Providers

We offer competitive plans to fit your budget with an amazing offer of your second year of subscription completely FREE.

Contact us to discuss your options, or view more information on our pricing page.


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Contact us to discuss your options, or get more info on our pricing page.

Monthly Subscription

per month (ex VAT)


with second year free

2 Year Subscription


 for 2 years (ex VAT)


Elevate Your Care with Bettal's Expertise

Bettal Quality Consultancy are not just compliance specialists; enjoy having a trusted partner in achieving care excellence with CQC-compliant solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Policy and Procedure Experts Are Here To Help

Whether you are a care home, domiciliary care service, or seeking registration for a new domiciliary care or supported living service the Bettal CQC Compliant System can answer your questions.

  • Who needs CQC registration?
    Your company will need to apply for CQC registration if you intend to provide or are providing health and social care services in England. This is your legal obligation under the 2008 Health & Social Care Act, where you are required to register even if you are delivering these services on a temporary basis.
  • What is care compliance management?
    Care compliance management, in a nutshell, is about ensuring your care service adheres to all relevant laws, regulations, and best practices to deliver safe, high-quality care. By effectively managing compliance, care services can: Protect service users: Ensuring safe and quality care delivery. Enhance reputation and trust: Demonstrating commitment to ethical and professional standards. Improve staff performance and efficiency: Clear policies and procedures lead to better care practices. Deliver the best possible care experience: Ultimately, achieving the highest quality of care for service users. Care compliance management is the foundation for building a thriving care service that prioritises service users' well-being, empowers staff, and operates within a sound legal and ethical framework. The policies and procedures of The Bettal Quality Management System demonstrates compliance by being cross referenced to each quality statement enabling inspectors to see documentation is up to date.
  • How can Bettal's Care Management System help me?
    Running a care service requires meticulous attention to detail, especially when it comes to compliance. Juggling mountains of paperwork and ensuring everything is up-to-date can be a constant headache. That's where Bettal comes in. Bettal offers a user-friendly system specifically designed for the needs of care services. Our software takes the hassle out of document management, allowing you to: Effortlessly Store and Organise Crucial Documents: Store resident care plans, staff policies, medication protocols, and all your essential documents in a secure, centralized location. Say goodbye to overflowing filing cabinets and scrambling to find vital information. Guarantee CQC Compliance: Stay ahead of regulations with access to a comprehensive library of CQC-compliant policies and procedures, meticulously crafted by healthcare quality experts. Regular updates ensure your documents are always aligned with the latest standards, giving you peace of mind during inspections. Boost Efficiency and Save Time: Our intuitive software makes finding and sharing documents a breeze. Staff can access the information they need instantly, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional care. Simplify Collaboration: Facilitate seamless communication and collaboration between staff members. Share updates, notes, and revisions directly within the platform, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Bettal isn't just software, it's your partner in quality care. We offer: Free CQC Registration Support: Our team of experts will guide you through the registration process, ensuring a smooth transition. Comprehensive Training: Get your staff up to speed on using the Bettal system quickly and efficiently with our dedicated training programs. Risk-Free Trial: Experience the benefits first-hand with our 24-hour free trial of the Bettal Cared4 CQC Compliant Quality Management system. Don't let paperwork burden your care home. Focus on what matters most – your residents. Contact Bettal today and see how our document management software can revolutionise your compliance and quality of care.
  • Why are policies and procedures for health and social care important?
    Policies and procedures for health and adult social care are essential for maintaining a high-quality service for all people who use these services. CQC compliance ensures that every care provider is working to the same standard of responsibility and professionalism, in order to create safe environments for the most vulnerable to receive the assistance they need.
  • How much do Bettal policies and procedures cost?
    Subscription to the Bettal Quality Management System is just £70+vat per month.

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Expert Knowledge

Policies researched and crafted by care sector and quality assurance specialists.


CQC Recognised System

Bettal's CQC-compliant policies take the guesswork out of managing any care service.

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Affordable Quality

Affordable compliance starts here: Full QMS, regular updates, all for £70/month.

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Path To Success

A proven system that has achieved a 99% success rate for CQC registration. 

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