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Bettal GDPR Compliance Tool

Given your interest in coming to this page I understand that you are aware that your Service must meet the requirements of GDPR which comes into force on 25th May 2018. These new Regulations are intended to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union and cover both written and computerised information and the individual’s right to see such records.

Bettal Quality Consultancy have developed a GDPR Compliance Tool to help providers to address the new regulation. The Tool includes all the documentation and guidance you require to comply with GDPR.

If you look at the contents page you will see that the Tool contains over 30 documents and will give you an insight into the comprehensiveness of the system. The Tool draws heavily on the compliance guidance produced by the Information Commissioners Office and their own Self-assessment (ICO).

Although there has been a great deal said about GDPR if you trawl the internet, if like me, you will not find a GDPR Compliance system specifically tailored to the needs of care services.

The Tool is designed to:

  • Enable you to understand your obligations to the GDPR.
  • Provide you with the documentation you require and guidance to meet the GDPR.
  • Audit and check your compliance to GDPR.

The system has been designed with reference to the articles contained in the General Data Protection Regulation and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

To ensure our documentation is in line with the legal requirements of GDPR, Bettal commissioned LHS Solicitors (leading legal experts in GDPR), Head of Risk on Compliance to carry out a review of the Bettal Compliance Tool, to ensure it legally addresses the requirements of GDPR. The following is the outcome of the review carried out by LHS:

"Having undertaken a full review of all documentation contained within the Tool, I am confident that should a user thoroughly engage with the documents (together with a thorough understanding of the general principals of GDPR), then the user should be able to demonstrate that they are attempting to prepare adequately for the legislation when it comes into force in late May 2018." - LHS Solicitors


We've only been running for 2 years but CQC inspectors have commented that we have better documentation than agencies that have been running for many years.
Lee Marsh - New Horizons Trust