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We comment on BBC News article - Crisis talks with homes 'on brink'

Care Service Providers may be aware that crisis talks have taken place between care home owners and council leaders amid mounting concern a large number of providers are preparing to pull out of the market. A report last week warned 37,000 beds - nearly 10% - could go by 2020. It blamed the fees paid by councils and pressure from the national living wage. Charities were also represented at the meeting with all sides calling for extra funding. Martin Green, chief executive of Care England, said: "Faced with increasing costs and falling fee levels, many smaller care providers will go to the wall, jeopardising the care of thousands of vulnerable people." He said the meeting taking place in London would discuss contingency planning for mass home closures and the collapse of many small providers.Here's what Albert Cook, Managing Director of Bettal has to say... The autumn budget on the 25th November, 2015 provided a glimmer of hope where George Osborne authorised local authorities to place a 2% levy on council tax specifically for Social Care Services. There is growing concern that this will not be nearly enough. Interestingly, one may ask why is it that the National Health Service receives direct specific grants for the running of the health service whilst Social Care Services continues to remain at the behest of local authority funding. Is it not time that the important part played by Social Care Services in the lives of people becomes valued and recognised.  Is it not time that Care Services achieve similar funding status to that of Health Care Services.  In my opinion Social Care Services will continue to struggle with the current methods of funding and will not be able to provide the services that it so dearly wishes for its service users until it is placed on an equal funding regime similar to that of Health Care Services. What do you think? Feel free to give us a call on 016977 41411.
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